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Credit Control

Don’t have time to chase payments? Let us do the legwork. We will check the paperwork, be clear and firm with your customers about what you expect, but treat them with the respect they deserve as the lifeblood of your business.

The vast majority of late payments by customers are the result of errors and inaccuracies in the paperwork. Why not consider allowing us to ensure that invoicing is accurate, credit terms are appropriate, and payments are made on time. Don’t let this vital aspect of your business be left to chance! Why take the risk of an unecessary cashflow crisis?

If you choose to use Xero Online Accounts, you will be able to see who owes you money anytime anywhere via mobile apps. Why not try it for free through Northeast Bookkeeper, or have a chat over a coffee with our experienced and qualified advisers. Our initial consultation is entirely free of charge or obligation.