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About Us

At Northeast Bookkeeper we take a straight-forward approach to the services we provide to our clients. We do not believe that the client should fit a pre-defined role dictated by us. Whilst every business has common core functions and systems, every business owner is a person, with different hopes and expectations. We will listen to you, respect your aspirations, and support you in moving your business forward. We will take on as much or as little as you need in terms of back-office legwork, providing you with both the information that you need, and an experienced sounding board, to enable you to make effective decisions, both on a day-to-day, and a long‑term strategic basis.

At Northeast Bookkeeper we seek to be forward thinking in our delivery and in our relationship with you. Our partnership with Xero Accounts reflects this approach and our core values of flexibility and respect. Xero allows complete freedom in building a relationship which is moulded to fit both your business needs for accounting information, and your personal needs as regards access and control over that information.

Whether you choose to use Xero with us or not, we will seek to provide the support that you need without being intrusive. Flexible and approachable, we will help you build your business based on your vision.

Moira Fitzpatrick BSc (Hons), MICB CB Dip, founded NorthEast Bookkeeper in 2012 to provide quality  business consultancy, accountancy, and bookkeeping services in Newcastle and Gateshead.

Moira is a Member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, and is a Registered Mentor with the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs. She applies her extensive business experience, gained working as a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner for some 18 years in advising Northeast Bookkeeper clients. During this time she developed perceptive insight into the many ways in which a business can fail and has successfully been involved in turning around the financial position of numerous businesses.   This involved diligence in her technical financial expertise and the practical application of her exceptional communication skill set, working closely with Directors, Shareholders and Lenders to bring their businesses back to stability. Moira now chooses to use her skills to assist owner-managed businesses in fulfilling their aspirations.

In addition, Moira has successfully set up her own businesses on three occasions – Firstly her professional Insolvency Practice in the South West, which she sold as an on-going profitable business in 2008 before relocating to the North East; Secondly, her thriving Yoga Studio in Whickham, Fluid Yoga (, and now NorthEast Bookkeeper.  Moira is therefore uniquely placed to understand the financial challenges faced by businesses particularly small enterprises and to appreciate the value of accurate and timely accounts and the intrinsic role they play in achieving and maintaining financial stability.

You can contact Moira direct at any time:
Mobile: 07907 481777

Alternatively, you can just drop us a line via our Contact Page.